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Hip Template

Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $30.00.

Revitalize your hip health with our Hip Rehab Toolkit! This all-inclusive solution offers a detailed 5-week program, specially designed to restore and strengthen your hip. The toolkit includes meticulously crafted templates that detail exercises, sets, repetitions, and recommended intensity, each paired with clear instructional videos. Perfect for anyone suffering from hip pain or recovering from a hip injury, our program is your first step towards a pain-free hip. Your journey to better hip health begins immediately after checkout, with a PDF and Excel link sent straight to your email. Embrace a life free from hip discomfort and start your rehabilitation today


Introducing our Hip Rehab Toolkit I: The solution to support your journey through hip recovery. Priced at just $40, this comprehensive toolkit equips you with the essential tools to understand, address, and alleviate hip pain and discomfort, all from the convenience of your home or gym.

What’s Inside the Toolkit?

  • A 5-week Program Template: Embark on your road to hip rehabilitation success with our detailed program template. It’s thoughtfully structured to include tailored exercises, sets, repetitions, and intensity levels, all designed to progress alongside your recovery, ensuring optimal results.
  • Instructional Videos: Visual learning to enhance your experience. Each exercise in our toolkit is accompanied by instructional videos. This feature makes it effortless to grasp the correct techniques and postures, enhancing the effectiveness of your routine while reducing the risk of further injury.
  • PDF Quick Guide: Looking for quick information or a brief recap of your routine? Our downloadable PDF Quick Guide offers a condensed version of the 5-week plan, ideal for rapid consultations or refreshers.
  • Legend for Templates: Unfamiliar with rehabilitation terminology or formats? Don’t worry. Our template includes a comprehensive legend to help you fully understand each element, from sets and reps to intensity levels.
  • Free Virtual Appointment: Need more support or personalized advice? Book a complimentary virtual session with one of our expert professionals. They’re ready to customize the program to your unique hip condition, providing targeted assistance for your hip pain or injury.

Don’t let hip pain or injury control your life. Take charge of your hip health and embark on your path to recovery with our Hip Rehab Toolkit today! Perfect for those seeking hip pain relief and effective management of hip injuries.