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About Dr. Nader

Dr. Nader Amer

I was born and raised in Southern Virginia where I completed my undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary with a B.S. in Kinesiology. While earning my degree, I competed on the championship Division 1 Swim & Dive team using the knowledge learned in the classroom to help drive my passion to help others succeed through anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. My passion for helping others led me to graduate with a doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) from Hampton University in 2013 with clinical rotations in top therapy clinics in California, D.C, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Dr. Nader


After graduation, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin my professional career as a physical therapist. During my first position as a staff therapist I learned how valuable it was to listen to each individual patient and understand their personal goals and what success means to them. By utilizing their personal motivations and my interventions as a therapist, I continued to see exceptional outcomes in my patients, notably decreasing pain, increasing mobility, and returning to their peak performance. 

As my leadership skills were recognized by the clinic administration, I was appointed Director of Rehabilitation. This position allowed me to have a better appreciation for business and understanding of the benefits and difficulties insurance can pose for individuals.

Through my search to both help patients improve physically and to have that help be as easy to access as possible, I partnered to own and operate a home health and hospice agency servicing the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley. During this time I garnered success treating triathletes, swimmers, and water pool players of high school, collegiate, and professional levels.

The opportunities I had to work with patients in their own home on their individual pain and mobility goals in conjunction with a niche of athletes in need of sports focused physical therapy quickly inspired me to begin DNA Physical Therapy. 

DNA Physical Therapy is founded in a philosophy and practice tailored to the individual’s needs and goals, rather than limiting services to impersonal treatments. I aim to provide the services that keep you performing at your best with the most accessible and individualized program.